Jackie Hahn.

Managing director and head jewellery designer of Penchant Design, Jackie is a Stellenbosch University Graduate with a BA Hons degree in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing. She’s also a 3rd place winner of the Anglo Plat Competition, Student category (a lovely piece now proudly displayed in our shop front) and has recently completed an advanced CAD course.In March 2016, when the founders of Penchant Design called it a day due to health reasons, Jackie, Penchant’s production manager at the time, decided to give up sleep and take over the business.Jackie is another huge daisy fan, so that’s one thing that definitely won’t be changing under her new leadership – Penchant Design will always be ‘the shop with the daisies’.

Jackie’s German ancestry, together with a five-month internship at a jewellery company in Germany in 2011, makes her almost tri-lingual – English, Afrikaans and enough German to understand whatever the German is for “I’ll take this one!”.

Jackie loves, loves, loves jewellery as much as she loves, loves, loves daisies.Jackie Hahn and Penchant Design. A perfect match!

Erich Hahn.

Born with a camera in his hands, Erich studied photography and graphic design at Stellenbosch Academy. He’s the brother of Jackie.  Having taken over the reins from Vivien, one of Penchant’s previous owners, Erich is now in charge of managing our online shop, photographing our lovely jewellery, graphic design, copywriting, general maintenance and anything else needing a man’s touch… and a ladder.

Erich is our all-rounder, the glue that keeps the ship together.

Laurent Mubenga.

Laurent speaks French. And he works in Franschhoek! How perfect!

This incredibly talented, DRC-born goldsmith has a fine sense of proportion and an eye for detail and quality. And it doesn’t end there. Setting is also part of Laurent’s impressive repertoire. That’s a fancy French word. It might mean ‘magic fingers’, but we’re not sure. Everything that leaves Laurent’s desk is top quality.A four-year graduate of CPUT in Jewellery Manufacturing and Design, and having also lectured at the institute for a while, Laurent really knows his stuff, making him an invaluable asset to the business. Not just for his superb craftsmanship, but also for being able to assist with French speaking customers.

Melinda Lewis

Melinda is our production and admin assistant. Super organised. Super efficient. But she’s also a big jewellery and gemstone fan. So you’ll also occasionally see her helping out in the shop.

In fact, stay around in the shop long enough while she’s there and she’ll probably make you some coffee!

One sugar please!